About the author: Alexander Cramer joined sennder in May 2020. He is working as a senior product manager within the data domain field. Working with machine learning and data science teams he builds tools and solutions around pricing and network optimization.
In this blog post, he explains how we incorporate the core principles of agile development in user-centric data science projects using dual-track agile.

Agile is a common mindset in the tech industry for software projects. At the same time, its applicability to data science projects is still actively discussed. …

Ray Dalio, the famous hedge fund manager, is known for his quip that “cash is trash”. At the World Economic Forum, he remarked that people would be sorry if they keep holding too much cash. And it seems hard to argue with his stance, as the interest rates for a typical bank account are lower than the inflation rate at the moment. On the other hand, it would be foolish not to have a cushion of the most liquid asset class, cash.

And all guides on financial planning typically include an emergency cash reserve, covering about 3–6 months of your…

August of last year, a lot of things came together. Not only did I suddenly end up in the hospital for a week due to a surprising medical condition. At the same time, I was let go from my last job, as the business unit I was working in as a product manager was shut-down. While the first situation by itself was pretty unpleasant, in combination with the second, it led to a great opportunity.
Given an extended termination period, I had time to step back and plot my path for the next part of my career.

And by path, I mean both regionally and thematically

What does the current environment of work look like?

No matter in…

Using smart contracts to improve existing subscription models and powering a subscription aggregation platform


Token based business models can be used to improve existing transaction models by excluding additional steps or actors. The past months saw the rise of basic design patterns as standardized building blocks for certain use cases. This article describes a design pattern that can be used to improve the traditional subscription models by applying automated billing via smart contracts and designated wallets. It further describes a possible solution for an aggregated subscription platform.

The basic subscription model

Subscription-based business models are widely used in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and content space throughout the internet and the physical world. Known from newspapers and…

Alexander Cramer

Product Manager based in Berlin, interested in #tech & #science

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